IK Grade: IK10
Type of Driver:IC
Material of Housing:
Model Color: White
Can Be Equipped With:
Tri-Proof Light

Product Details


Model Voltage Power Lumen Beam Angle PF Size of lamp
OLD-G-0620W 175-265V 20W 100LM/W 200° >0.9 650x95x82mm
OLD-G-1240W 175-265V 40W 100LM/W 200° >0.9 1260x95x82mm
OLD-G-1550W 175-265V 50W 100LM/W 200° >0.9  1560x95x82mm
OLD-G-1560W  175-265V 60W 100LM/W 200° >0.9 1560x95x82mm
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